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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It is never late to become a better you! Alex

The Strong Will Spotlight with Alex Perez
I met Alex a about a year and a half ago. Her and a friend came to some of my group classes and then hired me to some personal training. Alex is one of the spunkiest people I have ever met. She has passion and is full of fire. 
When I first met her, that passion and fire was over shadowed with sadness, anger, maybe both. She had just moved to the desert which can be a little overwhelming.  I have to admit the first few times I trained with her, I was so frustrated. She fought me every step of the way. I could so see her potential and I had to figure out how to get her to see it.
 Alex found her strong will by making the best of her situation. She got involved in every way she could and is now a fitness diva. Surrounding herself with a great group of ladies, she found her passion again. Alex is now a certified Turbo Kick and Zumba instructor.  She has even stepped out of her box by participating in outdoor fitness actives and events, such as road races, mud runs, and has even taken up cycling.
I can’t tell you how proud I am of this woman! She is an inspiration to all women and young girls.  I was not only lucky enough to train with her, but I am lucky to call her friend.
I am so happy that Alex found her strong will…I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next! 

TSW: Can you tell us when and why you started your fitness journey?
I’ve always wanted to be fit and strong.  I moved to Fort Irwin and saw the opportunity to finally do something for myself. I found myself inspired to do more after meeting the incredible group of trainers and group of ladies that attend fitness classes.

TSW: What have been your biggest struggles with your fitness routine? How did you overcome those? 
My biggest struggle was to create a fitness schedule and understand that I could not just go to classes and over-do the training. I thought doing more and more was the right way, but I had to learn to listen to my body and give it the rest time it needed to recover.

TSW: Was there an “AH HA” moment when everything just clicked?
I stopped looking at the scale and stopped looking at m calorie counter. I was obsessed with a number and that was hindering my success at the gym. Weighing myself everyday was unhealthy and very frustrating.  Trying to limit my caloric intake so I could loose weight wasn’t working! As soon as I stopped visiting the scale and counting calories I started getting results, only then my body suffered an amazing transformation.

TSW: How did you get started? Was it hard to get started?
My neighbor and me decided to hire an amazing trainer, with her support I was able to discover how strong I really was, that I should not doubt myself.  Having my friend as a partner was a great idea. She would encourage me to do better every time, we would push harder and encourage each other when we were ready to call it quits. 

TSW: Do you have a support system? If so how important is that to you?
I am blessed because I am surrounded by an amazing group of ladies that love fitness. They are so supportive and incredibly inspirational.  It is so important to have someone that tells you how proud or how happy they are for you every time you complete a fitness challenge. Having a support system is what makes me continue to try new things…like running!

 TSW: What do you feel is the biggest change in yourself ?
I have learned so much about how strong I can be.  I’ve change the way I tackle physically challenges and I am more open to try new things.  I became a fitness instructor, I bike, I run and I am open to many other activities that I would have never even considered before I started working out.

TSW:  Do you have a favorite workout?  Favorite body part?
I am addicted to Turbo Kick; I just love the way it pushes my cardiovascular system to work harder.  My favorite body part…shoulders….love the burn of a dumbbell double press.

TSW: What are your fitness related goals? What are you doing to make those come true?
Run a ½ marathon!!!! It is my biggest fear and I can’t wait to overcome that fear and cross the finish line.  I am not an organize runner; I know I will have to be faithful to a training program to be able to succeed, and I am willing to do that!

TSW: What do you feel is most important about being fit and healthy?
I believe the most important think is to serve as an example to my daughters. I want them to learn to be self-confident and to give 110% at everything they do.  It is imperative that they learn to follow a healthy, active lifestyle at a young age and I hope they are inspired by the example I am trying to set for them.

TSW: What advice would you give a newbie starting their fitness journey?
Be ready to step out of the box. Try something different, challenge yourself and you will be amaze at what your body will do for you!!!

Last words from Alex:
It is never late to become a better you!

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